Regulations on the use of onsen
1. Opening hours 06.00-24.00 Hrs.
2. The following persons are prohibited.
2.1 Patients with all types of contact dermatitis
2.2 Do not swim alone, children without parental care.
3. Take of a shoes bofore use onsen.
4. Wearing a bathing suit at any time.
5. Wash your body before use the onsen.
6. Non-smoking and Do not bring food and drinks into the onsen area.
7. Do not use the onsen while it rains.
8. Pet are forbidden the onsen area.
9. Do not use a glass in the onsen area.
10. Do not spit, Sputum ,urine feces into the onsen.
11. Do not climb or jump.
12. The hotel is not responsible for any accident caused by using wrong.
13. If the guest damages the onsen and property of the resort, intentionally or not, shall indemnify the resort.
14. The onsen for guest only.